May 12, 2020 (Miami, FL)

Smart Florida (Florida Blockchain Foundation) is welcoming two prestigious new members: OpenExO, the tech ecosystem founded by Salim Ismail and its partner Fluid Chains, co-founded by Cesar Castro and responsible for the development of the EXOS token in the OpenExO community and the Rutanio token in Medellin (Colombia). Rutanio Token is used as means of exchanges for services between organizations and individuals. Together we will explore the opportunities to develop a decentralized smart city token and the exponential applications that can be developed in the current economic context in Miami Dade and South Florida.

OpenExO is the global transformation ecosystem with more than 4,300 coaches, investors, consultants, and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions, and people unlock abundance to change the world. OpenExO is building a global transformation ecosystem based on the best-selling book Exponential Organizations (ExO) by Salim Ismail.

“Fluid Chains did a lot of pioneering work tokenizing ecosystems and introducing companies and communities to blockchain, internationally. Combining exponential technologies with new, more decentralized approaches is transformative for how we do business, exchange value, and uphold trust. We are excited to combine forces to explore the future of work, cities and communities right here, in South Florida.” Matthieu Merchadou MELKI

“Together with OpenExO, we have enabled multiple global economic systems of value transfer. They are the ExO Economy and the Rutanio innovation token hub in Medellin. Fluid Chains is looking forward to collaborating with Salim Ismail, OpenExO, and Smart Florida to generate value for Miami and South Florida, and to connect that value to the world.” Cesar Castro, Co-Founder Fluid Chains

About OpenExO Inc

OpenExO Inc is a B Corp. incorporated in 2017 in the State of Delaware. It is the world’s leading global transformation ecosystem helping organizations, institutions, and people to transform and unlock abundance and transform the world for a better future.

For more information about OpenExO please visit:

3500 S. Dupont Hwy Suite YY 102, Dover, DE, 19901

About Smart Florida

Smart Florida by the Florida Blockchain Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to raise awareness on collaborative technologies to build the next generation of digital infrastructure with a regional approach in Florida. We are building the next generation of digital infrastructure: local, inclusive, collaborative, decentralized and open to the World.

For more information about Smart Florida please visit:

2020 N Bayshore Dr,

Miami, FL 33137

About Fluid Chains Inc

Fluid Chains have been founded in 2017 because of our shared belief that distributed ledger technologies (aka blockchains) can transform the world. Fluid Chains facilitate transformational blockchain projects and maximize its positive impact on businesses and communities, with a special focus on token-enabling innovation hubs in cities around the world.

For more information about Fluid Chains please visit:

2598 E. Sunrise Blvd. Suite 210 A,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33304