OceanExO | Protect Our Oceans with the Support of Fluid Chains

OceanExO is an initiative with the massive transformative purpose (“MTP”) to Protect Our Oceans. OceanExO is incubated by the Fastrack Institute, a 501(c)3, and OpenExO a Public Benefit Corporation. The project is led by Nishan Degnarain. The technology platform was architected and built by Fluid Chains.

OceanExO acquires new data by allowing any global citizen to collect and preserve digital evidence of the state of the ocean with our mobile applications backed by blockchain technology.

The Fluid Chains team ran a 6 weeks sprint to respond to the urgency of the need, and built a fast prototype that offers a basic solution with a modular flow for Mauritius Island’s oil spill situation. The elements included in the solutions are modular, can be interchanged later and are the following:

  • Gather and Store video and photographic data
  • Process and Validate data
  • Visualize data
  • Share data
  • Interactive map displaying the data and evidence collected
  • Interactive timeline

The initial prototype was optimized to join together many different components and avoid potential limitations on: (a) data storage, (b) forms submitted and (c) website throughput limits. Specific attention was paid to create a secure environment that also protects the people who collect data.

Satellite imagery, prior marine studies, and now data provided by any global citizen can be quickly and easily collected, geotagged, and preserved as proof points for the state of the ocean at any time. Our mobile applications will also be leveraging the power of blockchain to create ever more veracity for the data set. The solution, as of this writing, is still in its first production release and we have many amazing updates planned to roll out as funding allows.

If you would like to Protect the Oceans then please consider making a one-time or recurring contribution to this important project. Donations can be made at OceanExO Open Collective and may be tax deductible.

We’d like to specially acknowledge the volunteers helping with the clean-up efforts and data gathering, as well as: Planet Labs Inc., Ursa Space Systems, ICEYE, and Allen Coral Atlas for helping with satellite imagery and scientific information as well as Forbes, for supporting the coverage of the situation and efforts.

The Fastrack Institute aims to accelerate technology into society with scalable solutions to urban problems. Fastrack Institute mission is to inspire, educate and empower cities and their citizens to find cutting edge, scalable ways to solve urban challenges 10 times faster and 10 times cheaper than previously thought possible.

OpenExO. is a community of 7400+ ExO Creators that are all working together to transform the world for a better future.

Fluid Chains is a blockchain for impact first company. It is the home of FluidMatters, Certifico, and the genesis provider of four main nets in the last 3 years.

OceanExO, OpenExO, the Fastrack Institute, and Fluid Chains are deeply embedded in a unique global network and innovation ecosystem of experts. We are all very pleased to have been working on this incredible project together.