Fluid Chains Launches Its Fourth MainNet

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Jan 21, 2021

Fluid Chains(™) — a blockchain and data activation technology solution provider focused on transformational projects, announced today the launch of its fourth blockchain mainnet and tokenized economy. A new social token, DIVER, came to life on Dec 21, 2020 at 20h21 (UMT), the very same day Saturn and Jupiter aligned.

A brainchild of Blockchain Chile Founders, Michel Batchoun and Felipe Pacheco, Divergenti connects PYMES (small and medium enterprises) with digital talent to accelerate and enhance their digital path, starting with Latin America.

In September, Fluid Chains officially announced its collaboration agreement with Blockchain Chile, a Chile-based company interested in developing Divergenti. Now, the new blockchain is completing its initial mining period. During this “hatching” stage, the Divergenti community collaborators are rewarded with 250 DIVERS every time they contribute a block to the new chain and secure the network for the other members of the community.

Are you a Small Business that wants to grow and thrive on the Digital era?

The team behind Divergenti is building a platform to offer assistance to small and medium enterprises in their process to modernize and adopt Digital transformation. While doing that, the Divergenti team is also incorporating the latest blockchain-based engagement capabilities via its token called DIVER.

“We love ‘PYMES’, and we engage them to be successful in the digital era,” said Divergenti founder Felipe Pacheco, referring to the fact that they are currently offering PYMES in Chile both the opportunity to diagnose their digital (readiness) quotient and also a “step-by-step” process to move them forward through their digital path.

Divergenti™ Mainet Launches using FluidMatters™ Software Suite

FluidMatters(™) process and software Suite greatly accelerated the creation of the genesis block of the Divergenti blockchain and it is facilitating the PoW/PoS transitional period to secure and grow the Divergenti blockchain in its initial stages. It helps increase the resilience of a “newborn” blockchain, safely taking it from a controlled environment to an independent, secure, public, permisioness, ledger of transactions.

“Launching a blockchain is an act of love, not an act of engineering… and so Nayib, our CTO, is quite a lover!”, said Kent Langley, Co-founder at Fluid Chains

FluidMatters™ Suite offers an unsurpassed range of open software features and functionality and it is integrated with Fluid Chains™ unique innovation process that enables cities, communities, and industries to create tokenized economies, build their platforms, and launch their services.

FluidMatters(™) open source full node staking wallet provides the ability for members of the Divergenti community to mine and stake their Blockchain. It is an important part of the network helping to encapsulate transactions, validate, and extend the blockchain in return for mining/staking rewards and transaction fees.

Divergenti, permissionless lineage goes all the way back to the original bitcoin (BTC):

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  • Copyright © 2020–2021 The Divergenti developers

At Divergenti’s statistics webpage, the community visualizes real-time data, operational metrics and custom alerts for the Divergenti token economy. Monitoring the blockchain(s) and statistics is also an integral part of FluidMatters(™) software suite offering.

FluidMatters(™) end-to-end process and software suite maximized Divergenti’s success rate, all the way from idea conception to roll-out and operation,” Michel Michel Batchoun, founder of Divergenti.

We invite developers and the extended members of the Divergenti, Rutanio, ExO Economy, Blockcore communities to participate in Divergenti’s GibHub launch, coming soon.

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