Fluid Chains Launched Verifiable, Blockchain-Registered Credentials and Badges Solution

Miami — Dec. 16, 2020 — Fluid Chains Inc, a global blockchain technology solutions provider recently announced Certifico, a blockchain-based end-to-end certification solution that allows to issue, store and verify the validity of digital credentials and badges online.

The solution allows users to retain full ownership and control over how and with whom the credentials and badges are shared. It provides fast turnaround for issuance and distribution, mobile sharing, verifiable and traceable validity, anti counterfeit protection and automatic issuance.

This fast, verifiable and interoperable system allows to issue, store and share credentials and badges in a multi-chain environment.

Certifico verifying with ExOEconomy, Rutanio blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

The EXOS Transformation Economy is a viable end to end blockchain based tokenized economy for the ExO Ecosystem and provides a scalable means to share value exchange for all the members of the ecosystem and economy anywhere in the world. EXOS is the native digital currency of the transformation economy.

“We look forward to working with Certifico and EXOS to issue and verify the over 3600 certificates and badges on our blockchain. Certifico will give our community members mobile, secure, always-on, and immutable access to their OpenExO credentials.” -Kent Langley, OpenExO Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Rutanio blockchain provides a means of exchange and a complementary token for local innovation ecosystems. ‍ Its digital asset is native to local innovation and creative ecosystems. This vibrant and growing economy has developed significant economic value.

“The Rutanio Organization is proud of becoming a reseller of the Certifico solution. Through this solution, we are already issuing blockchain verified certificates for our ambassadors, as well as for the coaches, mentors and participants in the Company Builder Alianza del Pacifico project.”Jose Gaviria, Rutanio Organization CEO.

Bitcoin is the longest running blockchain, truly decentralized and the biggest crypto-currency in the market. Ethereum is a decentralized open source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality and number two in the ranking of market cap.

After successfully developing and implementing key blockchain toolset FluidMatters(™), that includes heat map, block explorer, staking wallet, cloud wallet, full node, blockchain statistics service, Digital Assets distribution solution among others, Fluid Chains now proudly brings this multi-chain, decentralized and secured certification solution into the market.

“Fluid Chains developers are excited to provide this open source innovative multi-chain solution that disintermediate and takes to the next level the issue, verification and sharing of credentials and badges.” -Nayib Kiuhan, Fluid Chains Co-Founder and CTO.

FluidChains, Inc. is based in Miami, San Francisco, and London. It helps its clients design, develop and launch sustainable and impactful blockchain business ventures using principles of exponential organizations. Fluid Chains application of blockchain helps organizations scale.

OpenExO Inc. a public benefit corporation and a vibrant community of over 7100 change-makers with 2500 certified members committed to positive social change, which convenes a global ecosystem that empowers cities, organizations, institutions, and people with the technology and economic resources, tools and structures to migrate society to abundance. OpenExO is a stakeholder in Fluid Chains, Inc.

Rutanio Organization Saas, is a research and development organization and the initial manager and curator of the Rutanio project. The team is utilizing cutting edge Blockchain technology to connect, internationalize and grow the innovation and creative ecosystems across Latin America. Our growing community of 1,500 members and 150 use cases, has operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Perú, Spain, United States and Venezuela.