July 1, 2020 (Miami, FL) CITIES ARE THE FUTURE. Studies show people identify with the city they live in more than their region or country. It is also cities that will have disproportionately large impact on shaping our future.

Miami, the second largest city in the state of Florida, has a rich and rewarding multicultural identity. It is home to more than 1,400 multinational corporations, and acts as a major center and leader in commerce, culture, finance, tourism, media, international trade, arts, and entertainment. Miami has begun to absorb key entrepreneurial, tech, and creative trends, becoming a hub for startups and innovation attracting core investors and businesses to create positive impact on a global scale.

Accelerating technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain are enabling the digitalization of cities, to impact how work gets done, transform how customers and companies engage and interact and create new digital revenue streams. Cities are modernizing their services and creating the information society of the future. Blockchain could secure and activate digital flows created within cities.

Fastrack Institute (FTI) empowers cities, their leaders, and their citizens, with multidisciplinary teams, to find solutions for critical civic problems. Its primarily focus is on solving urban problems for cities and regions of one million or more citizens, although it also works with smaller cities and communities.

“Fastrack Institute’s expertise in accelerating technology into society is a welcome addition to our existing partnership focusing on better urban futures. FTI joining forces with Openexo, Fluid Chains, UnifyIT, Blockchain Center Miami, Smart Florida and the Miami ecosystem strengthens our ability to experiment with and leverage our decentralized EXOS token and blockchain at the municipal level. As technology bring us a world of abundance, access will triumph over ownership.” Salim Ismail, CEO and Founder of OpenExO.

“We recognized the experience of Fluid Chains and OpenExO tokenizing ecosystems and the relevance of the other partners in the local blockchain ecosystem. We are excited to join the opportunity to explore blockchain opportunities for Miami — supply chain, real estate, healthcare, energy, water management, voting and more — and we aim to broaden the discussion beyond theory into real world experimentation.” Rodrigo Arboleda, CEO Fastrack Institute.

“Now is the time to experiment with Blockchain. In the long term, we look forward to blockchain alternatives for information exchange in the Americas hub. Creating an open blockchain token and platform will be critical for faster and easier development of new smart city exponential applications across multiple sectors in Miami Dade and South Florida.” Cesar Castro, co-founder Fluid Chains.

Fluid Chains did a lot of pioneering work tokenizing ecosystems and introducing companies and communities to blockchain, internationally. Their team led more than a dozen of blockchain projects in USA, Europe, and Latin America, including the development of the EXOS token in the OpenExO community and the Rutanio token in Medellin (Colombia). Rutanio Token is used as means of exchange for services between organizations and individuals.

About Fastrack Institute

Fastrack Institute is a Miami-based non-profit organization achieving social impact through injection of knowledge and technology to enable cities to adapt to and capitalize on rapid technological change alongside rapid urban population growth. Its mission is to inspire, educate and empower cities and their citizens to find cutting edge, scalable ways to solve critical urban challenges 10X faster and cheaper.

For more information about Fastrack Institute please visit:

611 N. Mashta Drive,

Key Biscayne, FL 33149

About OpenExO Inc

OpenExO Inc is a B Corp. incorporated in 2017 in the State of Delaware. It is the world’s leading global transformation ecosystem with more than 5,000 coaches, investors, consultants, and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions, and people to transform and unlock abundance and transform the world for a better future.

For more information about OpenExO please visit:

3500 S. Dupont Hwy Suite YY 102,

Dover, DE 19901

We are excited to combine forces to explore the future of work, cities and communities right here, in South Florida.” Matthieu Merchadou Melki.

About UnifyIT Inc

Community experts and organization fully invested in education and technology ecosystem development, activating Miami as a hyperconnected tech city in the US and Latin America. Its vision is to transform the private sector into a catalyst for human evolution while protecting, restoring, and reorganizing the resources available in our planet.

For more information about UNIFYIT please visit:

21 SE 1st Ave

Miami, FL 33131

About Blockchain Center Miami

The Blockchain Center is the premier provider of education, development, and consulting for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Strategically located in downtown Miami’s business district, its vision is to become the hub of the Americas for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to learn and network on topics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

For more information about Blockchain Center Miami please visit:

21 SE 1st Ave

Miami, FL 33131

About Smart Florida

Smart Florida by the Florida Blockchain Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to raise awareness on collaborative technologies to build the next generation of digital infrastructure with a regional approach in Florida. We are building the next generation of digital infrastructure: local, inclusive, collaborative, decentralized and open to the World.

For more information about Smart Florida please visit:

2020 N Bayshore Dr,

Miami, FL 33137

About Fluid Chains Inc

Fluid Chains have been founded in 2017 because of our shared belief that distributed ledger technologies (aka blockchains) can transform the world. Fluid Chains facilitate transformational blockchain projects and maximize its positive impact on businesses and communities, with a special focus on token-enabling innovation hubs in cities around the world.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

We help organizations design, develop and launch sustainable and impactful blockchain business ventures using principles of exponential organizations